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Interview with Gedstern's GH News and Scoops website - September 23, 2002

Transcript of Scott's interview with ESPN Radio - July 12, 2002

"Johnny be good:
Fans of the GH bodyguard want more."

ABC Soaps In Depth - January 22, 2002
Wheeeeeere's Johnny?

Fans of Scott Egan, who plays bodyguard to GENERAL HOSPITAL Mob boss Sonny, are wondering just that.

The In Depth Story: To be sure, Egan's followers are gradually letting their voices be heard. Their message? More air time for Sonny's longtime and loyal lieutenant, Johnny, who has been seen less often since the introduction of other Corinthos Mob henchmen.

Those who wish to join a campaign to request "more Johnny" are invited to visit the official Web site for his portrayer at scottegan.net.

Getting to Know...Scott Egan (GH's Johnny)

Soap Opera Update - March 13, 2001
By Michael Maloney

It was ironic that Scott Egan's GENERAL HOSPITAL character Johnny wasn't with his boss Sonny Corinthos last December when the mobster was shot on the steps of the Port Charles police station. After all, Johnny has been a fixture in Sonny's life since 1997. "I came on around the time that Brenda was getting death threats," recalls Egan, who has managed somehow to survive being blown up or otherwise rubbed out. "Let me tell you, it's a feat," the actor chuckles.

In The Beginning

For Egan, joining GH was a return to his origins. The New Jersey native had done print and commercial work as a young child. "My 'claim to fame' was that I was the first 'no-pin Pampers (diaper) baby,'" recalls the actor. "I was about one or two years old." As Egan grew up, he traded in his diapers for baseball cleats. A scout discovered Egan when he was a high school sophomore. He went on to enjoy stints with the Houston Astros and Milwaukee Brewers organizations.

An arm injury necessitated surgery for Egan, however. That, and a trip to Los Angeles to revisit the acting world, resulted in him making a full-time commitment to performing. Egan read for a contract role when PORT CHARLES was first being cast. He wasn't selected for that show, but he was asked to join GH as Johnny. "I'm around a lot of talented people, like Maurice Benard (Sonny), Sarah Brown (Carly) and Steve Burton (Jason)," acknowledges a grateful Egan. "I learn a lot by being on GH."

The actor got to flex his acting muscles in a new way when he and Benard performed a scene from "American Buffalo" by playwright David Mamet as part of the Los Angeles Media & Education Center's evening of live theater. "I'd done this play before and I knew that Scott would be perfect in it," shares Benard. "Our relationship connected on stage just like it does on screen." Egan can't rave enough about Benard, his off-screen pal. "Maurice has taught me about the professionalism behind acting," he shares. "I try and emulate him as a person, not just as an actor. I enjoy talking to Maurice because he really listens."

Soaps in Depth - October 19, 1999
By Kristen Mucci

Scott Egan considers the role of Sonny's faithful bodyguard an offer he can't refuse.

For two years, Scott Egan has played Johnny, the strong, often silent henchman charged with preserving the lives of gangsters Sonny and Jason. In that time, naturally, the rising star has gleaned a lot of information from his fellow players, Maurice Benard and Steve Burton. "They are tremendous actors and people," he says. "They're like my mentors."

Egan is also glad to be able to call Benard and Burton his friends. In fact, after quitting time the real fun begins. "I play golf with Steve a lot," Egan confides. "And Maurice and I run [together] every morning."

Egan even would take a bullet for his Mob bosses- on screen, of course. "As long as I live through it," he adds.

Of course, Egan is well aware few members of Johnny's profession ever make it to retirement age. "[My predecessors'] longevity hsn't been that long," he observes, "so I just have to do what I do and hope no mobsters come out of the elevator and shoot me."

He Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Prior to joining the cast of GH, Egan already was on the move in Tinseltown. He's appeared on Just the Ten of Us and Parker Lewis Can't Lose and in the film, The Other Sister. But it's possible that he's best known for his debut role as the first no-pin Pampers baby. "It's kind of like my claim to fame," he says.

So, where was Egan hiding out before joining GH? Let's just say he was covering all his bases, playing minor league baseball with the Chicago White Sox, then the Milwaukee Brewers. "Half the season, I had nothing to do," he recalls, "so I took acting classes."

Watch Your Back, Sonny!

The part of Johnny originally was supposed to be a one-day gig, but following the casting of Egan, the role was expanded. "I read for a contract role for Port Charles for Mark [Teschner, GH and PC's casting director]," says Egan, "and he called me back and gave me the part of Johnny." The question now is whether Johnny will develop into a heartthrob. "Having a love interest would be great," Egan says, "so people don't think Johnny is a monk!"

Guarding Sonny
Soap Opera Update- August 31, 1999
GH's Scott Egan (Johnny) is more than just a sidekick

On screen, we might not see him often enough, but Johnny, Sonny Corinthos' General Hospital bodyguard for the past two years, definitely has a way of making his presence known. "I try to find the camera," laughs his portrayer, actor Scott Egan. "And I get close to Maurice Benard (Sonny)."

But seriously, Egan is grateful to the GH powers-that-be for keeping him on screen- and given Sonny's spotty history when it comes to the people close to him, Johnny must hold the record for longevity!

Egan could play a key role if his GH castmates should decide to field a softball team. "I used to play professional baseball for the White Sox and Brewers, then I got into acting because I got hurt."

Given his skill with a catcher's mitt, Johnny might be called upon one day to intercept a bullet meant for his boss. "I'd take a bullet for Sonny," he offers, "but I wouldn't get in a limo if there were any foreign objects underneath it!"

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