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ESPN Radio On-Air Interview Transcript
1340/1390AM - Poughkeepsie, NY Affiliate

'Inside the Game' with Jason Barrett and Rick Schultz
July 12, 2002

There are a few interesting stories in life that we usually don't tackle, but today is the time to do just that. You think back, so many people try to make it to the big stage in professional sports and if it doesn't pan out, where do you go? Well, in some cases, people do have a backup plan. And in the following case, that is just the point. Joining us on the program at this time is not only a former minor league baseball player, but an aspiring actor. You can see him on General Hospital these days. He is Scott Egan. Scott, Jason and Rick here, how are you today?

Scott: Hey, how are you doing, guys? I'm doing great.

We're doing great and first of all, Scott, let's start off with the baseball career. You played minor league ball with the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago White Sox, but you..I'm reading over some of the information we have here and it says there that because it was only really a job that you worked a half a season, you felt bored the rest of the time so you started taking acting classes. Did you ever think it would wind up being where you are now, based on what you were doing at that point?

Scott: No, I had no idea. Basically, it was just to go into New York and have some fun. My mother suggested I do it and I had a lot of time, a lot of time on my hands in the offseason besides working out, preparing for spring training and the upcoming season, so I decided, hey, why not go back to New York and pursue some acting, take some acting classes and commercial workshops. And I did a little bit of work here and there, but nothing like the work I've gotten in LA.

What kind of acting were you doing when you were enjoying the offseason from baseball?

Scott: You know, doing a lot of theatre. Just learning about the craft of acting, certain techniques, just things to prepare you for auditions. But I had no idea until I got on General Hospital what that really entailed. But, I tell ya, the baseball and the acting are very, very similar.

Scott, I was in minor league baseball for seven years and I always refer to it as the traveling freak show circus. (Scott laughs). It was a life unlike any other because you had the groupies, you were traveling city to city with these young, good looking guys. What's it like for you and are there any similarities in that regard to acting?

Scott: Yeah, you know, the minor leagues...you're right, it is a freak show. Because you meet so many different people, it's a traveling circus. You never know where you're going to be from one day to the next. You get stuck with roommates, some guys are cool, some guys are slobs (laughs). Some guys, they get you on the phone bill, the guys get promoted or get released, or get demoted. So, yeah, it's pretty wild. Plus you're traveling all over the country. I mean the greatest part about it is seeing the country. But I'd say that it's very similar in the respect that there's so many people that are aspiring to get to the major leagues, just like aspiring out here to be successful on a TV show or a film or a soap opera, that it gets very tedious and you just gotta stay very positive.

We're speaking with General Hospital's Scott Egan here on 'Inside the Game' and Scott, I gotta ask ya...how did you get your break into General Hospital?

Scott: I was really blessed. I was very, very fortunate. I read for Mark Teschner, the casting director. He was working on the pilot, called Port Charles, at the time, which is our sister soap. And I guess I read pretty good. I mean, I didn't do that bad and he remembered me and brought me back for a small role as a bodyguard named Johnny. And it just kind of developed into a character. I've been really blessed. I've been very lucky. I've been with a great family over there, had great bosses, good supporting cast.

What kind of style does Johnny have? Why don't you elaborate a little bit on that?

Scott: You know what, Johnny's just a bodyguard. He stands outside the door and they give him scenes. He's a quiet-spoken bodyguard and a lot of people joke around saying that in his off-time he's like a Chippendales dancer or something. (laughs) I protect Sonny Corinthos, and he's played by Maurice Benard, and I've been blessed to work with him. He's a great actor, super human being. And Steve Burton, who plays Jason Morgan. So, like I said, it's been an interesting haul. Those guys are all great. Johnny...it would be great if Johnny had a storyline, but you know, I'm very content with what they give me and I don't step on toes, because usually when you step on toes, feet step back, you know what I mean? (laughs)

Scott, I touched on it briefly earlier, and it's kind of a lighthearted note, but baseball players when they're traveling around, they're young, they've got some money, there's a lot of times groupies that hang around and follow these guys and really want a piece of them. And I know that's somewhat the case in acting. Are there more women, or groupies, in acting or in baseball 'cause that's a neat thing that came to my mind right off the bat.

Scott: You know what's funny, in the acting, if you're a big star, like a movie star, and you go out into Hollywood, yeah, they gravitate toward you. They're all over the place, all over the Sunset Strip. But when you're kind of a small soap actor, like me (laughs), they really don't notice you too much. But when I go back to New Jersey, where I'm from, I go out and sometimes I get recognized, and yeah, there are a lot of General Hospital fans, and they do gravitate toward you. But I'll tell you, in the minor leagues, when you can be in the middle of somewhere like Utica, New York...

Oh, yeah.

Scott: Or South Carolina, or Birmingham, Alabama, or Vancouver, Canada, they're all over, and you know, the funny thing is, the higher level you get, the better looking they get, you know what I mean? (laughs)

Now, Scott, as a former Milwaukee Brewer, I wanna ask you your reaction to last week's All Star Game.

Scott: You know what? The All Star Game is for the fans. I was kind of disappointed because for the game to end in a tie...they should really bring a certain number of pitchers where they can complete the game. A lot of people pay a lot of money to go see them. They travel from all over the country to go see these guys play and it's the best in the game. And for them to end in a tie, I think it's disappointing for the fans because the fans are the ones that are allocating the money to see these guys and basically they're paying these guys' salaries. Without the fans, I mean, what would the game be?

Scott, you must have played with and been friends with some guys that are now in the big leagues. Any guys that you still follow or still keep in touch with in the baseball world?

Scott: Guys here and there. I have a very close friend, Jack McDowell, remember Black Jack McDowell...


Scott: His brother, Jim McDowell, is a sports agent and he's got a lot of minor league guys that we work out with, a couple of big league guys. Some of the guys I played with...Frank Thomas with the White Sox, Robin Ventura, Cal Eldred...there's a lot of guys, actually.

Black Jack didn't try to recruit you into his band, did he?

Scott: (laughs) No, he didn't try to recruit me into his band, but we try to get him on the radio. He's doing really well, actually. I remember catching Black Jack when I was eighteen years old in big league camp. And then I ran into his brother and I said, 'hey, I talked to Jack...' and Jack was like, 'I don't know if I remember.' So, I don't know. (laughs) Jack...I don't know...maybe one too many brawls out there (laughs)

Scott, as we head into the future, what's in store for you now? Where do you go from here?

Scott: You know, to tell you the truth, I just take it one day at a time, and just hopefully General Hospital will keep going on, and you know, the longevity of my character. Hopefully I can break off into some film and other TV projects.

You know the way the Sopranos are going right now, seems like everybody's getting killed off left and right there, Tony may need a new bodyguard soon.

Scott: (laughs) Hey, that's fine. You know what, they can pay me some money to stand outside the door of Tony Soprano, whatever his name is (laughs). But yeah, it would be a great place to shoot because it's back in Jersey.

Yeah, of course, your old stomping grounds. Scott, we appreciate your time today, best of luck in the future, and we appreciate you hanging on 'Inside the Game.'

Scott: Hey, you guys, I just want to say hello to my friend, Jen Jarvis, who runs my website. She's a fantastic person, without her this would not have been possible.

What is the website?

Scott: Scottegan.net. And you know, whoever's out there can type it in, check it out, they might get a good laugh or two.

Everybody will be flocking to it as soon as we hang up.

Scott: But my good friend, Jen, I want to thank her again. God bless her.

All right, Scott, thanks for your time.

Scott: Thanks, you guys. You take care and good luck.

We'll see you on the silver screen.

Scott: You got it.

That's General Hospital actor, Scott Egan, and former minor league baseball player, Scott Egan, here on 'Inside the Game.'


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